To assist persons of Hmong heritage in their efforts in adjusting to and becoming part of the mainstream of American life.

To promote better relationships between the larger American community and the Hmong community.

To promote, preserve and foster the traditional cultures and languages of the
people of the Hmong community.

To aid, foster, sponsor and encourage the participation of all artistic and
traditional activities; to organize craftsmen, musicians, storytellers and dancers to teach traditional arts to young children and those in the community who wish to learn; to provide an organized program of public performances and informational classes open to the greater community.

To organize and create a board of advisors to develop a plan and present the
annual New Year Celebration, which includes artistic performances and cultural shows, and encourage participation of all communities of all ethnic backgrounds.

To raise money through donations, fundraisings, gifts, bequests or other permitted activities and use the proceeds for the foregoing purposes.
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